Founded in 2012,
ATYPIK specialises in hand-made
kaftans for the modern woman.

Each collection, designed by founder Jihene Ben Jazia, depicts a meeting of worlds: artisanal embroidery, Arabic calligraphy, and the rich fabrics and colours of the souk are brought into sharp relief by the modern couturier’s eye for cut, hem, shape, and style. Raised in Tunis, Jihene has worked, studied, and raised a family between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Her own experiences as a globetrotting business woman, wife, mother, and fashion influencer have served as inspiration for ATYPIK’s forward-thinking,

whimsical collections, which have developed a devoted cult following in just a few short years. The brand’s key strength is its commitment to traditional networks and methods of production—sourcing textiles and artisans from across the MENA region—combined with the cutting edge, cosmopolitan aesthetic on which Jihene has built her reputation. It is precisely this hybrid of traditional Eastern and contemporary, global influences which the ATYPIK woman is seen to embody: her personal style reflects both her pride in cultural heritage, and her openness to the world.